My name is Nevena Hristozova.

I am born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, where I also graduated with a BSc in Biotechnology. Not having traveled much until then, I decided to take the ultimate challenge and move countries for my Master’s. It has always been Finland for me, so once I passed my final BSc exam, I packed a suitcase and flew to Helsinki. Two years later, I had completed my MSc in Biotech of Natural Resources and with a piece of Finland in my heart that will remain with me for the rest of my life.

As is often happens, life likes to surprise us and while my MSc diploma was still fresh off the press, I ended up in Brussels, Belgium. I came here to walk the bumpy road to becoming a Doctor of Science in a joint lab between the VIB and VUB.

Four years later, I am almost there! I am writing my thesis now, and in the meantime I enrolled in the Science Communication and Outreach postgrad program in KULeuven. My love for science communication and its importance are beyond the scope of this little intro. 🙂

Belgium is a special place, and Brussels – even more so. They both grew on me and for now, I am here to stay, but lets see what the universe has to say about that! 😉