Beer in the two extremes of Europe

I’ve always been impressed by the new trend of infographics. So much information can be shared in such an accessible way! Hence, I decided to try and create one of my own to see how tedious and feasible it turns to be. Turns out there are plenty of online tools one can use for free to create such infographics, a simple search will return scores of lists with the best ones based on different criteria. As I wanted to just try my skill, I decided to use a free version on one of them – Venngage. I’m very happy with the result, but I couldn’t download my creation from a free account, so I’m sharing it here as a hyperlink – Beer in the two extremes of Europe. As it was for the sake of an exercise, I chose a simple to work with topic (one hurdle at the time), but as I said – I really like how it all worked out. The tool is easy to use, and even the free version has huge library of objects to use and ways to modify your pictogram. I’m only more excited to try create more extensive ones on other topics.

         Happy pictographing if you decide to try show the fun side of statistics yourself!

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