Covered bridge

Hi, my name as Eva!

And this is a bridge smack in the middle of Brussels, where I live now. It connects two buildings, hanging above one of the busiest avenues in Europe – you don’t want to be by car on it in rush hours!

Anyway, why I like this bridge is, because it’s so confusing. It is simultaneously awkward and refined – it combines sharp edges going in every direction with smooth curves of arches also kind of all over the place.

And on top – the beautiful statuette of the lady is my most favourite part!

Thinking of it, this little bridge reminds me a lot about Belgium as a whole – variable. Combination of untincable mixtures, that were forced together by a strange architect. In the case of the bridge – a real architect, in the case of Belgium – the historic mind who came up with the idea that solely on the basis of religion you can unite two regions which have little in common. 🙂 But it somehow works, and it’s somehow beautiful, and somehow it keeps fascinating.

I normally don’t see of this bridge as beautiful, but thinking of it in this context – it is. Like all of us too – it has it’s weird sides, but it’s unique and no one can say it’s not worth its existence…

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