A molecule for eternal childhood

A new research led by UCL and the University of Milan finds a molecule important in blood vessel formation and brain wiring is also essential for the onset of puberty. From scientific point of view, growing up means simply becoming capable of reproduction. While this by far does not require…

Smartphones to boost cancer diagnostics

Smartphones are becoming smarter by the day! Nowadays, we can use smartphone technology for so much more than just staying in touch – social activities, navigation, planning, computing, programming, analysis of data, and now – data collection too! In March (2015) a group of scientists from Boston published a paper

The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

Scientists can be very full of themselves (or rather of their own research topic) creatures. I consider myself a scientist (among other things). So I suppose I need to live up to the expectations?! Hence, my first attempt to make this blog live a life, will be by introducing my…

Out of the lab and into the world

Hello, RealWorld, and goodbye petri dishes and flasks! No! It’s not that – I’ll hang around on the doorstep – one eye on the science, one ear on the news about it. Yes! There are one too many science blogs! So why not have two too many? I say “yes”…

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