/Speed-dating a scientist – A Pint of Science Valentine’s day

Speed-dating a scientist – A Pint of Science Valentine’s day

For a second year in a row, Pint Of Science Festival is making a landfall in Belgium. After the smashing success of the 2018 edition, this year we are going much bigger and much better!

What is Pint Of Science?

Pint of Science (or PoS) is a science festival made for everyone. If you are a scientist curious curious about other fields, if you are a just curious about science, or if you are just looking for something fun to do on a week-night in May – we are the place to look. 

We are in bars and cosy venues where you can meet scientists and science enthusiasts from the giant spectrum of fields there are. You get to learn something new, ask them questions, have a drink with them, chat about everything and anything, and often enough – get to participate in fun games with them. 


When I say that this year we are going bigger and better I don’t use my words carelessly. After having 6 cities last year, this year we go for 15!

Talk about fun games – can you name all the cities looking only at this map? Comment below if you dare! 🙂

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Fall in love with science

For Valentines Day, PoS had a pre-event dedicated to falling in love with science. 

We got science-curious people to “speed-date” with scientists. The quotation marks indicate that our type of speed-dating was bound to be successful because the goal was to have people simply talk and ask the questions they want to ask our scientists. There was also no risk of heartbreak, because our scientists were chosen to be fun and friendly – our attendees had no other choice but liking them. 

As in every love story, though, there was a mystery to keep the fire burning. We had two “fake” scientists – two impostors, who claimed they were scientists, but were in fact not. The extra umpf for our attendees was to guess who the impostors are. There were also awards

Our scientist-wanna-be’s were SO good that one fooled everyone, and the other one was spotted by only but a few.

We need you

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Volunteers are always needed to make this festival happen so if you want to contribute, while meeting awesome and fun people, and planing the most fun popular science festival of the year – do register as a volunteer or just drop us a line to express interest.