Latest: Should scientists warm up towards pre-prints. What is their role in scicomm?

In this episode, we discuss the ever-growing interest in pre-prints. What are they, why do they exist, who uses them and for what.

We are joined by a guest - the author of the paper we discuss in the podcast and the Twitter chat - Johnny Coats. You can read the paper he and his collaborators wrote on the role of pre-prints in the dissemination of COVID-19 research for free in the journal PLOS One here.

Most listened: The importance of science communication in languages other than English

In this episode, we speak about the necessity to report, cover and communicate about scientific discoveries in languages different from English.

We start our discussion based on a Twitter chat where we discuss a publication (here by Melissa Márquez (@mcmsharksxx) and Ana Maria Porras (@AnaMaPorras).

We are joined by a special quest - one of the winners of the State Your Mission Challenge 2020 - Arvind Behal (@ArvindBehal). His activity for which he wrote his winning mission statement is an online magazine where many scientists translate valuable scientific information in languages used by different communities in India (@ScienceCrux).