Hi, my name is Eva!

If there is one thins I love more than staring at running water, it has to be watching the clouds run across the sky. Storms are the best with tumultuous balls of angry water vapor waiting to ripen enough so it can wash the earth beneath in a raging reams.

In Belgium, you rarely see beautiful, scary, rainy clouds when it rains, because it most often drizzles in a very special way, I’ve only experienced here – light enough not to prompt you opening your umbrella, and yet hard enough to get you soaked even if you barely feel the drops. And the see/ocean is so close to Brussels, that often times stormy clouds don’t have time to rise up in the sky and form those threatening beautiful embassadors of rain. So around here, you are more frequently part of the storm as the clouds are so low, rather than subjected to it. Which too has its beauty, especially if there is lightning – they are bright explosions of light blasting throw the clouds, rather than veins of extreme violent energy connecting the earth and the sky.

But when it doesn’t rain, some days, there are white rolling clouds with grey, bluish, sometimes orange (if a storm down south has brought some of the Saharan micro-sands) tints, that I absolutely adore following through the sky as they go on their way to distant lands.

The best aspect of clouds, I think, are the fact that there are never two exactly the same. Which is why they inspire me. Have to admit though, that more often than not – they inspire me to write poetry. I won’t do that here (I think), but you can find my poetry blog, where I’ve collected hundreds and may be thousands of beautiful poems (and have shared some of my own) here, it’s called Re:Verse – Poetry is life distilled.

Much like this post which from weather phenomena in Belgium took me to poetry, when I watch the clouds is one of the rare occasions when I let my mind roam completely free and go wherever it wants without me putting any brakes on it.

When do you let your mind roam?

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