Greeting the death of a day – Sunset

Special relationship with the sunset

There is something special about sunsets. Sometimes they are a happy occasion, when the death of a day is the moment most looked forward to. Other times, I wish for the fire in the sky to not go out and this day to continue forever!

Today was the second type of days. I am in Malta (a bit more on this later) for a work meeting on one European project. It’s a work trip, but I am the happiest person to have had to go on a work-trip. The partners on the project are some of the smartest, most genuinely good people that I’ve met in a long time. Our intellectual chemistry is unmatched to almost any other team experience I’ve ever had before and every working day with this project is like a holiday!

And Malta… It is the second time I come here and I fall allover again in love with this tiny, crowded, funky Mediterranean gem! The colors of the sky around the Mediterranean are different. Nowhere has that shade of blue both above and below. Locals are nice and I am almost as comfortable as speaking my own language. Not having to think twice about my words takes so much of the pressure of travelling away, so only calm and pleasure remain!

It is crazy crowded, the streets are impossibly steep at places, but I grew loving this place so much, despite my few short and far apart visits to here…

My name is Eva, and I don’t want this day to die, but if it’s death is as beautiful as this sunset, I guess we can make a deal…

malta sunset

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