Dots / Dashes / Diagonals

Hi, my names is Eva.

This is the image I see every time I come to my writing meetup – my productive escapism from work-life and my way to stay focused and keep up with this blog. I’ve found this group via meet up. It’s the only group so far that I am part of, although many other’s caught my eye, but somehow this is the one which really drew me in.

This group has helped me a lot to get back to regular writing after some hard times, when I almost lost the will to write (for all the wrong reasons). It, in a way, saved my blog from oblivion, as I’m much more disciplined when I have this meeting every week. I usually have ideas for topics for the blog all the time flying about my head-space. So once I set my mind on one, I do my homework on it during the week whenever I can and then on Sunday morning I write it up and by the end of the day on Sunday, have ready post to publish thanks to theThe Brussels Writing Meetup where the writer in me really gets comfy

And trust me – for something to make me get up at 8am on Sunday morning willingly – it’s a very good thing! The people in the group are great – all writing everything from articles, through reviews, poetry, novellas, novels and blogs. And I think this is part of my creativity boost – seeing these fun and nice people, have a short conversations, have a coffee, share what each of us is writing is definitely getting my creative juices flowing.

Science shows that hobbies definitely help people be more productive and creative at work too. I dream of the day when we will have the 20%-rule in most enterprises, but until then, this group will keep me writing.

This blog and the group both plug into my hope to “one day” become a full-time science writer. So I train and practice, and struggle, but most of all – absolutely enjoy working on this blog and which is why I hope you, the readers, like it. And which is why it is important for me to hear your voice with feedback – whether you like it or not, because I want to get better and to write for more than just my own satisfaction.

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