Why you should not compromise with gratitude due at the workplace

Another dream of mine just came true - to write as a guest writer on another site.

A topic dear to me – employee appreciation got picked up by BrughtOwl for their blog at brightowl.pro/blogs, for the Employee Appreciation Day.

Are you a worried employer?

You might think it’s obvious why you should value your employees, but you’d be surprised to know how many employers fail to recognize the contribution of their staff for the growth of their business. Or may be you think you are already doing it and your personnel just don’t appreciate it? You might want to take second look into the best and worst practices on how to show your people that you appreciate their efforts. The invested time and effort from your side will pay back! Read about it here.

Are you an unhappy employee?

Do you feel like your voice at the work place doesn’t matter? Do you sometimes think that it might be your perception and wrong expectations that are failing you? Chances are – they are not and you are not receiving the constructive feedback you deserve. At least all data shows that. Why being appreciated is so important for your professional happiness, and personal health? How to recognize and request what’s due? You might find an idea on how to start that conversation here.

Things are not different in science!

Academia is different from business in many ways, but the discrepancies between employee and employer expectation are just as widely spread! Most of the young professionals report that if they receive mentoring in their workplace, they are that much more likely to stay in the given position for longer. This is especially valid for grad students and early career scientists, for whom the mentoring could be a defining aspect in their decision to stay or move on from academic research. 

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I was very happy researching this topic for my first guest writing opportunity! And I definitely would like to know what you think about it:
– How do you feel at your workplace?
– Have you been on either side of unproductive employer-employee relationship?
– How did you deal with this situation?

Comment below your experiences and opinion!

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