Back in Sofia, Bulgaria, there is a fence made of the barrels of the rifles. And no – this is not a strange architectural or artistic decision. 
In fact, the fence was made so as a settlement after the first and second Balkan wars. The agreement was for Bulgaria to destroy a certain number of its weapons (you can probably guess how the wars ended for us) as one of the repercussions the state had to live with after the peace treaties. 
Instead of completely destroying the rifles though, we got to keep the barrels and had to burn the (at the time) wooden butts of the weapons so they can’t be used. 
We went and made a fence out of the barrels around the military academy in Sofia. The irony of fencing off with these exact barrels of the place where the state educates new officers, I believe was a sought after effect.


These pics however are of a fence around the park in the center of Brussels. Everytime I pass it by, it reminds me of this barrel-made fence back home, also because the park hosts the military museum of Brussels. The irony of THAT is evident only to me, I guess. 
Point is, this fence (any fence really) reminds me of very thin iron soldiers standing in line to protect and guard something. In the case of park though, I am not entirely sure if the fenced off area really needs guarding.

Either way, I wanted to share this curious historical tit-bit as I passed the park the other day and thought of it as I always do.

My name is Eva, and this was my random piece of the week! 🙂

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