Hi, my name is Eva!

I take my jewelry very seriously! I tend to select quirkier items or ones I can really relate to – like these two pins (also – I’m a sucker for pins!).

My favourite jewelry type is earrings – I have about a million of them and few are matching – I like having different earrings on at all times (unless a very formal occasion, then I try to stick to etiquette). Which is why I like buying lower end, non-brand jewelry – cause usually they come in varieties of colors from the same type, and I can mix and match them at will. Some of my fav combos are a dangling metal feather matched with a claw-shaped or a pearly, colored stud. It gives me the false feeling of being somewhat of a rebel or artsy – I haven’t decided yet. Also, it saves me about an hour each morning to find the pairs in the jumble of earrings in my biscuit-turned-earring-box. Also, earrings were the one type of jewelry that wouldn’t get in the way in the lab!

But this is about pins – these two I got recently. The #ScienceIsForEveryone comes from Two Photon Art and the #ScienceCommunicator is from Science On a Postcard. The blue one I plan wearing for more formal scientific events – actually, next week I will be attending Eurotox 2019 (a conference on toxicology, duh!) here in Brussels, and I will have to be smartly dressed, so this is where I’m gonna boast it for 3 days straight! The yellow one, I will wear on my two upcoming Stand Up Comedy performances – one on the 19/Sept in Sofia, Bulgaria (follow this space for event info) and one at the #ThePostdocDay of VIB on 11/Oct in Antwerp. I believe it will give me the confidence that Captain America gets from his shield or Thor from his Mjölnir (R.I.P).

Anyway, what’s your favourite type or piece of jewelry? Does it have a story or special meaning to you?

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