Not a hiatus, just "The Thesis" and a lot of learning

It was not all part of the plan

I’ve been absent from around here for a while. It wasn’t a planned hiatus from my favorite thing, from writing in my favorite blog… But doing so much this last semester proved to be something for which “time-consuming” is a gross understatement. I’ve been wrapping up experiments for my PhD project, and slowly writing my thesis (introduction and all)… Who knew writing your own Materials & Results (the ones you produced single-handedly) can be so hard?!

Aside from this, I took on Dutch classes, ’cause… Who prefers calm week evenings to 6,5 hours of a new language that is virtually impossible to pronounce? Well, actually dutch classes have been kinda fun albeit demanding. ­čśÇ Gezondheid!

There’s always space for improvement

Next to that, I had started the super exciting Podstgrad in SciComm and Outreach, that so far I absolutely love. We’ve been having some science debates organized as part of the program – my most favorite so far was “Gene therapy for human improvement”. Turns out you can really understand a topic only after you have to actively defend the opinion you personally do not support.

There’s much more interesting things coming up from this course and I am really looking forward to having to write an essay. I’ve already picked a topic, but for now I’m gonna hold back from spreading it. I would really want to get it also out here if the Uni in Leuven allows me to after submitting it. Either way, I’ve been discovering so much interesting research on SciComm itself that I had no idea was being done, I’m mind-blown!

The best part of it all

And then there’s the ScienceCaf├ę! I was the luckiest person ever to be cast as a co-host of the spin-off of the Blues Streak Science podcast. The mastermind behind the podcast, JD Goodwin, is possibly the most fun person to do science news talk show with. We’re broadcasting every Mon/Wed/Fri at 4pm CET on the ScienceCaf├ę channel on Smiletime, and directly on FBLive (that is of course if lab duties do not interfere – PhD first after all). Couple of times I got to step in for the podcast itself, when others’ theses came in the way and it’s been a wonderful experience!

Writing under the Christmas tree

While all these activities have been my life for months on end now, I haven’t forgotten my precious little blog and it’s been painful not to have the time to write in it. But getting the PhD finalized takes priority over anything else obviously. I’m hoping to have a time to get a post or two from under the Christmas tree, in between writing my Discussion, or from the ski slopes of the Bulgarian mountains, but if that doesn’t pan out make no mistake – I’m still collecting ideas. ­čÖé

In the mean time, you guys keep being the helpful readers you are, keep inspiring me, and stay warm and be happy over the holidays!


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    1. 1st – congrats, Jonny! You’re a hero for pushing through it!
      2nd – thnx a ton! I’ll need all the crossed fingers I could get for this one ­čÖé
      Happy Holidays and till the next post!

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