Hi, my name is Eva!

And this is a picture of a mimosa – the pretentious name of a mix of champagne and orange juice. As you can see – it’s orange.

Orange is a color that makes me happy! Not only that it’s a summary color and the color of sunrises*, but it’s also a the color of this pretentious little cocktail which I relate to having great memories with lovely friends.

The first time I had a mimosa was in NY city, the big apple, and just anywhere in NY, but in Tribeca – the fancy bo-bo neighbourhood under Canal street. It was a Sunday and I had a brunch with a friend who had previously moved to NY for his research.

As if that wasn’t nice enough memory, that trip was related to me attending a conference in Cold Spring Harbour Labs – the Mecca of scientific research, especially when talking genetics (if you don’t know genetics are my soft spot).

This particular picture though, is from yet another occasion when I had brunch with friends. This time around – with my writing group. It’s the circle of people who motivate me and keep me disciplined enough to write in this blog at least once a week – on a Sunday and give me so many wonderful ideas and inspiration! It’s a wonderful hodgepodge of people from everywhere writing about almost everything and I am so lucky to have found them!

And, no – I don’t have that special attachments to alcohol, although who could object to a glass of half half orange juice and champagne. It just happens so that I have it with people I really like, in settings that make me really happy, and always during the weekend, which is always a great bonus!

This is my “orange” clue for you! What do you associate with the word?

*Actually orange is equally the color of sunsets – it’s only our eyes playing us tricks with the light. Read about it here.

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