Other works

Things I’ve been involved with, published elsewhere, original works and translations:

Public speaking, oral science communication, podcasts etc.

Original (non-scientific) publications

As part of my Science Communication internship at Wtnchp.be


Stand up comedy

Featured in

  • An article (in EN) from Henri the bilingual magazine of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, where I’m doing my PhD, in the column for “Young Blood” – https://goo.gl/W0B4oi;
  • An interview by Aleksandrina Ginkova (in BUL) for Dnevnik – one of the big web-based news sources in my home country of Bulgaria, about science and the need to talk about it continuously and loudly, to counteract the harm pseudo-science keeps doing to humanity and the planet – https://goo.gl/Q3wH1p;
  • An interview (in BUL) for Radio Bulgaria with Diana Tsankova – a program of the National Radio Broadcaster in Bulgaria, about science communication, Bright Club Brussels, food safety, and the importance of science for our daily life – https://goo.gl/AUfvJh.
  • Coverage in the Belgian DeMorgen of the FUCK UP Night in Brussels in collaboration with VUB“Vertel ons uw grootste mislukking”

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