/Human ignorance is more deadly than any weapon

Human ignorance is more deadly than any weapon

Much has been said about GMOs – we don’t need another article explaining us why the GMOs are not the evil that will put an end to the world as we know it, because we will not believe it anyway. Because bad news and apocalyptic scenarios sell!

Humanity prides on being progressive and the Western World gloats over being technologically advanced beyond compare to any culture at any point of time in history so far. But is the West developing technologies and gathering knowledge just to bury it all under a pile of inaccessible legislation and regulation? Patents as we know are no longer safe – the time with which one can “hide” an invention is too short compared to the determination of other to use it to fulfill one goal or another. Instead, companies create products with traits impossible to carry over by farmers, additionally protecting them with numerous overlapping patents, just because they can afford it, while governments try to create impenetrable laws that will cover everything that might be coming out as a development of an already existing biotech product. At the same time, big part of the population is being frightened to numbing extent, by “celebrity”-status lobbyists with often little scientific knowledge about the dire apocalyptic outcomes of improved feeds and foods. And scientists, instead of finally coming out of their labs and talking to the people who effectively pay for their research, hide cowardly behind their lab coats  waiting for the storm to pass, not having the slightest clue how to talk to the public about their concerns. The public support for such science and developments drops dramatically, and respectively does the funding for it, and as a consequence – the motivation to carry out this research, closing a viscous circle. In the meantime, the middle and upper classes can afford the luxury to chose to eat bio-foods, GMO-freerange meat, and decide to be anti-pesticide, anti-fertilization, anti-vaccines, anti-medication, without stopping for a blink to think, that because of these human practices they are able to make this choice, and that the majority of the people on earth not only don’t have this choice, but would rely on these “monster” products to have the slightest chance to survive at all.

Yes, human inventions have been notoriously used first for evil and then for good, causing a lot of trouble in human history, mostly due to greed driven mismanagement. Yes, scientific advances should be vigorously studied and tested before released to the markets, but when the body of evidence is overwhelmingly indicative for a product being safe for human use and for the environment, it’s spread should not be hindered further by corporate greed and governmental thickheadness.

Human ignorance has always been incomparably more lethal than any war has ever been!

Inform yourself before you decide, think before you stigmatize, because tomorrow it might be you, from whom the right to live is taken away by someone who had made the wrong choice.