/Here’s to science – The Pint of Science festival is fun, educational and near you

Here’s to science – The Pint of Science festival is fun, educational and near you

This might be the age at which in some countries you become of legal age for drinking.
More importantly though, 21 is the number of countries which will host a Pint of Science Festival chapter this year.

What is Pint of Science and why should you care?

It is a science festival for everyone curious enough to come and hear the latest research of local scientists. Why would you be interested in the latest research? Because it’s done with you in mind – everything from physics, through biology, to medicine is done so that our lives become that bit better and more interesting! And because scientists, if you don’t know any, are a really cool bunch willing to share their awesome discoveries and may be get some interesting ideas on what you would love to see next out of their labs.

The festival started in 2012 and took off like the Falcon Heavy! (oh yes I said it!) The last edition involved 80 000 attendees from 10 countries. This year it’s happening in 21 countries and multiple cities. Do you really want to miss out on this?

Where and how can you tag along with the science crowd?

On the website of Pint of Science you can find the countries participating and in very short time the full program of all the events planned (pintofscience.be).

The venues

Across bars and pubs

We are aware that science might not be always the easiest matter to swallow. Hence, we’re planing all events in your favorite bars and pubs where you meet your friends and feel at home. The accessibility of some refreshments and pints full of top quality science in a combo not to be passed on. And the bonding over a pint with the scientists and organizers might be the best thing you need to start truly enjoying science talks and events. 

The format

Science made fun

This is not going to be your regular science conference when even the specialists don’t always understand 100% of the scientific jargon in the various sessions! This festival in conceived with you in mind. We crafted the program so that you can get engaged in science activities without having to do the messy lab work. Our scientists will take care of showing you the most interesting side of their research.

Pint of Science across the globe

A Pint in Belgium

Starting from 9 of April, on the dedicated website of the festival for Belgium you can find more details for the specific parallel events, their venues and the actual topics, meet the team and follow us on our social media channels (pintofscience.BE). 

If you are located in Belgium and you want to catch up with the local scientists, or shine in brilliance for picking a special event to hang out at with your friends and family – the opening event on 17 of April and later the main festival dates between 14 and 16 of May are the place and time to be!

If you are looking for the best Pint, look nowhere else but Belgium. In the homeland of Trappist beers, our Pints full of discoveries are what really counts. So if you are looking for the ultimate destination for a city trip with a splash Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Gent, Leuven, Liege, and  Louvain-la-Neuve are all great places to cheer to science.

Come cheer to science with us and have some fun!

Each evening we plan for you fun activities aside of the interesting and engaging scientific talks our scientists have in store. Don’t miss out on the fun! Follow the #pint18 for frequent updates and release dates for the tickets!