/Protein structure for foodies

Protein structure for foodies

I haven’t planned my blog to be educational per say, but the other day I stumbled on a thought that was equally ridiculous and fascinating. As I was aimlessly browsing Quora the other day I came across the question “How do I explain the four levels of protein structure to my students?“. And instantly I thought about pasta… Probably more due to the fact that it was close to lunch-time rather than a spur of genius, but I got curious whether I can compare the art of pasta, to the bio-art that are the proteins . So I sat down and made this little collage in Illustrator. I wondered if it makes sense only to me, so I decided to run it by you guys.

Warning – I do not take any responsibility if viewing this poster ruins your diet!

The high-quality PDF can be found here – ProteinsStructureForFoodies.