/The Poster Session – Introduction

The Poster Session – Introduction

Here’s to a new category in my blog!

For a while now I’ve been into the idea of having some cool new stuff on here (aside the fact that I keep wishing I was more disciplined and had more time to publish more “regular” blogposts). And it finally took shape after a lot of thinking… Or rather a little thinking spread over many many days. I knew the “cool new stuff” I was looking for was going to feature people – I get my batteries reloaded when I interact to wonderful young (not necessarily biologically young) people. And since I do want to keep this blog sciencey, I will feature sciencey people, duh! 🙂 That would be STEM men and women who love what they do (one way or another) and have passion for it. They are future, current and/or past related to STEM, because

once a scientist – always a scientist!

And because I need to do some learning (as if talking to smart fun people is just not enough!) I will be doing it in the form of poster/infographic type of posts. It’s not going to be wiki-type of posts – they are not going to tell you how to prepare 2% solution of ethanol, nor will they tell you (everything) about their research (go read their papers to know!). We will talk a little about that, a little about life around the lab (if any), but also – some unexpected topics as well, just for fun!

I’ll have to see how well it will work as I’m not all THAT proficient in interviewing poeple, nor in creating eye-catching infographs, but what did I just say – girl’s gotta learn! I have in mind already few people who are so cool, you won’t believe it, so stay tuned for this new section! Because where else do you meet wonderful people, if not at


Oh btw – if you wat to be featured in this section – hit me at scientist@incubatorium.eu , I’ll be happy to talk to you! 🙂