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Incubatorium wants your story!

The honor and the mission

As you probably know, if you’ve been on this blog before, my goal is effective and inspiring communication about everything scientific.

You may have also noticed that I have started my own initiative to help scientist who want to do outreach do it right. It’s called Scircle and it’s website is connected directly to this blog.

Which is why, I’m totally chuffed to have some of you brave writing an article for the blog! Such collaborations make my day – I get to showcase your science, you get to experience writing a popular science article, and in the end – the readers of this blog get to read something new, someone’s truly passionate about!

So, I am very happy to share with those of you who want to try out popular science writing few short guidelines how to approach this.

The DOs of submitting a proposal for an article to Incubatorium

  1. Only submit articles the topics of which you care about. If you write on a topic only because it’s a hype and everyone is writing about it, but your heart is not it it – it will definitely show in your style and we don’t want the visitors to read half-hearted posts even if they are on interesting topics per say.
  2. Length can vary (within limits). If you’ve read more than one article on this blog, you’ll know I write and publish anything from blurbs to longer, more in dept (or I’d like to think so) reviews on a topic. So you are free to do the same, as long as you don’t submit whole book chapters or theses. You can also submit just your idea of an article and once we discuss it you can write up the whole thing.
  3. You will be the author of your post. I will create a contributor profile on Incubatorium so you can create your draft and we can work on it together. Once we are both happy I will publish it (press the button), but it will be your name under the Author tab.

The DON'Ts of submitting a proposal for an article to Incubatorium

  1. Please don’t copy-paste texts from somewhere else – it’s too easy to find out and offensive for both our intelligence.
  2. Unpublished data is not published here. Unless you have some sort of reliable citation (including a direct link to it), do not include data/information/claims you can’t substantiate. 
  3. Self-promotion is OK, in reasonable boundaries, free advertisement is not.
Contact info
Twitter: @NevenaHr
Facebook: Nevena Hristozova
Instagram: @thescienceblogger and @scircle_ltd